Congratulations to the TOP Winners of the MPI 2019 IIC!

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Congratulations to the TOP Winners of the MPI 2019 IIC!

MPI International Image Challenge


WHAT A YEAR for the MPI 2019 International Image Challenge!!

The 5th annual MPI International Image Challenge was a continued success drawing many MPI members to enter, challenge themselves and get inspired while earning points towards their next level in the MPI Educational Program. The MPI IIC is as well drawing many non-members as they enjoy the educational feedback received from images entered. So much excitement as we sent out this years successful certificates. 

Over the past 5 years, MPI has seen so much growth in many members and non-members while they challenge themselves with the Master Photographers International - International Image Challenge. We have also seen many seasoned professionals get inspired as they compete and enter their amazing work. 

If you are an MPI member that has entered - don't forget, you have earned Certificates that count towards your next level in the MPI Program. 

We will soon be announcing many of our members success this year as a number have now earned their next level or levels... Yes, we said levels as we have a number of members working towards 2 or 3 Master levels and Grand Master levels simultaneously.  We are also excited to announce some of the first Grand Masters in Category!!

And now - the patiently awaited MPI 2019 IIC Winners Circle Video REVEALING this year's winners.

Congratulation to all TOP Winners and to all Class Winners. HUGE Thank you to our judges and industy educators and mentors! 


And now, we present to you the winners of the MPI 2019 International Image Challenge 


Watch video!




Alexandros Tsitouridis - Greece
Brandie Sunley - Canada
Kristian Bogner - Canada


Arete Edmunds - Canada
Erich Caparas - USA
Peter Rooney - Malaysia


Chris Collacott - Canada
Peter Lik - USA and Australia
Tim Shields - Canada



Greg Boratyn - USA
Mark Bowen - Canada
Peter Lik - USA and Australia



Erich Caparas - USA
Myra Thiessen - USA
Rajan Athirajan - Malaysia



Alexandros Tsitouridis - Greece
JB Sallee - USA
Rajan Athirajan - Malaysia


Ahmed Thabet - Egypt
Carl Stanley - Canada
Joe Lai - Taiwan




ALB  Nikos Siamos -  Salt The White Gold
C01  Alexandros Tsitouridis - Scent of Santorini
C02  Craig Minielly - Metropolis Evening Glow
C04  Ivan Duran - Never a Wallflower
C05  Kristian Bogner - Women of the Arctic
C06 Ingeborg Skliros - The Fire Within-Gazania Krebsiana
C07 Kristian Bogner - Global Charter
C08  Craig Minielly - Shipyard Recycling Team
C09    Kristian Bogner - The Eye of Jaws
C10    Brandie Sunley - Dance Class
C11 Alexandros Tsitouridis - Island Of Santorini
D01 JB Sallee - Chateau de Maria
D02  Erich Caparas -  The Universe Within
D03  Erich Caparas - Breath of Life
D04  Erich Caparas - Ghost
D05  Erich Caparas - Face Within a Face
F01  Keith Fox - Theme And Vairation
F03  Chris Collacott - Grandeure
F04 Vasilis Loukatos - There Is Only One Way
F05 Ivan Duran -  Half n' Half
F06 Kristian Bogner -  Bright Lights Big City
F07  Yedi Koeshendi - Boston Common at Twilight
F08  Chris Collacott  - F8 Tantalizing Toronto
F09 Peter Lik - Spirit of the Universe
F10 Kristian Bogner - Sea of Tranquility
F11 Peter Lik - The Last Night
F12 Giorgia Corniola - Peacock
F13  Arete Edmunds -  Hanging Pink
F14 Dana Serban - Organic Spider
F15 Joan Fox - World Of Color
F16  Kristian Bogner - Homeless and Fearless
F17  Yedi Koeshendi  - Lunch on a Fly
N01 Sean Simmons - Almost Breaking Silence
N02  Peter Lik - Infinity Tree
N03 Holly-Lynn Latimour - Beauty and The Beast
N04  Peter Lik - N4 Autumn Mist
N05  Michael Andrejkow - Time
N06 Deborah MacEwen - Coalescent
N07 Chris Gibbs - Amused
P01 Erich Caparas - Like a Toy Soldier
P02 William Branson - The Light Of Our Life
P03 Alexandros Tsitouridis - Hot Love
P04 Myra Thiessen - Metamorphosis
P05  Julie Robichaud  - Family Fun
P06 Erich Caparas - Acting Chairperson
P07 Yedi Koeshendi - Princess Lawrence
P08  Myra Thiessen - Daily Diary
P09  Alexandros Tsitouridis - Baby Loading
P10 Giorgia Corniola  -  Diletta
P11 Yedi Koeshendi - Through The Eye
P12  Rajan Athirajan - Queen of Claivoyance
P13  Jennifer Kapala - Float
W01  Rajan Athirajan - The Lost Key
W02  Alexandros Tsitouridis - W2 Waiting
W03  JB Sallee - Fathers Eyes
W04  Giorgia Corniola - Elisabeta Fabio
W05  Alexandros Tsitouridis -  Keeper Of The Gate
W06  Vasilis Loukatos  -  Love is the Key
W08    JB Sallee - Twin Reflex
W10  Julie Robichaud - Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong



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