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Join us at the MPI Organization, home of the International Image Challenge.


At the Master Photographers International Organization, there are no annual fees. Our structure allows members to pay only for what they use. Members of any level can stay inspired or continue to grow to higher levels within the MPI International Photographic Degree Program.  

Members can work through the MPI Program at their own pace. The degree program allows for one jumpstart option which must be accessed within the first year of membership. If successful, this option facilitates a member to start at their level as a craftsman or a master in one of the six categories.   

Members can also earn all their degree points by entering the annual International Image Challenge. We have allowed our members to have choices.


Image by  Holly-Lynn Latimour CP

Pefferlaw, Ontario Canada
Commercial Category - C7 Product 


The MPI IIC allows members not only to work at higher degree levels, but also stay inspired as they challenge themselves with every submission.

The MPI IIC is known to be one of the best educational and fairest competitions internationally.


  • Earn sealed certificates to display to your clients, peers, and family. 
  • Be one of the TOP 6 International Winners in a Category. 
  • Win the MPI amazing crystal trophies that everyone talks about. 
  • Create your personal archive of successful images with the custom MPI IIC Portfolio Display 
  • Be inspired by the artistry of fellow members, even if you are not looking for a degree.
  • Not looking for a degree, enter to stay inspired and earn accolades.  

    Image by

Portrait Category - P5 Family Portrait (2 Or More)
Charleen Kennedy
Manassas, Virginia USA
Portrait Category - P5 Family Portrait (2 Or More)


Earn accreditations in your field. Show your clients you are not only a Craftsman, Master or Grand Master, but have, as well, become accredited in your specialized fields. 

You do not have to earn a degree to submit for an accreditation. 

  •  Accreditations are based on 10 images in the same class. 
  •  You can earn an accreditation in any of the classes available. 
  • One Accreditation is required per Photographic Degree.

Members can earn a Masters or Grand Master Degree in 6 Photographic Categories.  

The 6 Categories are:

  • Commercial
  • Digital Art
  • Fine Art
  • Nature
  • Portrait
  • Wedding

Image by 

Aly Kuler

Cornwall, New York USA
Wedding Category - W1 Brides Tale