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The Master Photographers International Organization was founded in 2012 and opened for membership in fall of 2013. It was initially founded as the Master Photographers of Canada Organization and then changed to the Master Photographers International Organization by the end of 2013.


The vision of MPI founders and Directors, Garth Edmunds and Arete (Tula) Edmunds, was to give back to the photographic industry by creating an International Organization that would house one of the best International Photographic Degree Programs.


During the spring/summer of 2013, they released the MPI International Photographic Degree Program. This included 6 levels with the Internationally trademarked Grand Master Photographer being the highest level. In 2018 and 2020, the program was updated to make it easier for members to follow the criteria.

The Directors, along with the MPI Advisory Board, work at making the MPI Organization THE international photographic degree program to join. Our goal is to help members grow and thrive in this competitive industry by giving them the tools to achieve their highest asperations. 

Many on the advisory board also take part in areas of the MPI Organization assisting it to run smoother.


Your advancement with the MPI program is NEVER based on volunteer hours, but solely on your skills and creativity as a photographer and artist. Nevertheless, the MPI Organization is always open to increasing our volunteer base, if you are a member and would like to be a part of the MPI volunteers, please reach out to us to see what is available.



Garth Edmunds

Garth Edmunds Co-Founder | President | Director | Director of Competition | Website Development.
Tula Edmunds

Tula Edmunds - MPC, MPF, MPN, Co-Founder |Vice President | Director | MPI IIC Administrator | MPI Member Support |Website Design and Development
Martin Grahame-Dunn - MPP

Martin Grahame-Dunn - MPP MPI Advisory Board | Director of Qualifying | MPI IIC Judge
Craig Minielly - MPC

Craig Minielly - MPC MPI Advisory Board | MPI IIC Judge
Dana Serban - CP

Dana Serban - CP MPI Advisory Board | MPI Program Points |Alberta Community Team Member
Kim Sleno - CP

Kim Sleno - CP MPI Social Media (Instagram)
Joan Fox - MPP

Joan Fox - MPP MPI Advisory Board | Alberta Community Team Member
John Woodward - MPC

John Woodward - MPC MPI Advisory Board | MPI Judge
Martha Malcolm - MPP

Martha Malcolm - MPP MPI Advisory Board
Deborah L MacEwen - CP, MPD, MPF, MPN

Deborah L MacEwen - CP, MPD, MPF, MPN MPI Advisory Board

Keith Fox - MPF MPI Advisory Board | MPI Ethics