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Success Story - Michael Piggott

MPI Master in Fine Art in Under one Year

Success Story - Michael Piggott

With the recent changes to the MPI International Image Challenge and the MPI Photographic Degree Program, members are able to reach degree levels quicker. To find out more about the MPI International Image Challenge, visit

Our SUCCESS STORY today, introduces Michael Piggott MPF, who recently earned his  Masters in Fine Art Photorgraphy, specializing in Travel Photography. Take a moment to read about Michaels journey and congratulate him by commenting below. 


The story on my photographic journey so far.

I started photographing over 20 years ago. I had hung some pieces in a gallery and a restaurant over the years. I can still remember where I was when received a call from Sabrina, the Gallery owner @ saying that she sold one of my images! WOW! a total stranger buying one of my images ...

In 2021 I decided to take my photography to the next level. I joined Master Photographers International with the intention of earning a master’s degree and entering the MPI International Image Challenge. What was I thinking, entering a competition with some of the most successful photographers!

After reviewing the MPI website and Facebook group, I was thinking I could perhaps start my journey in getting a master’s degree, something I felt would give me a personal goal and validate my work in the industry. I contacted other artists whose work I admired and a special thank you to Deborah MacEwen and Tula Edmunds for guiding me during the process.
I wanted to go for it and work towards my masters quickly, so I created and entered a large portfolio of images into the MPI IIC. Putting yourself out there can be very daunting, are your images good enough? Especially when seeing other photographers work.

Believe me when I say, not everyone is going to like everything you do, and if you are like me, you are your harshest critic. Receiving feedback from other like-minded colleagues in MPI was not only welcomed but extremely helpful.

With the MPI International Image challenge, results take longer, however you get real honest feedback. Yes, it could be difficult to hear, but feedback in a way that makes you say “Ya, ok, can see that... makes sense.” Trust me when I say you will improve everything from composition, settings, post processing, I even received help naming an image.
When the results came out from the competition, I was so impressed that everyone of my images had feedback from judges along with an overall score. Even more, the score was broken into areas of what worked well and what needed more work.

Shortly after the awards video was released. I remember sitting in front of my computer and when two of my images were selected first in class.... I was speechless. Days later, the top 100 images from all of the competition came out and my image Timeless Elegance from Venice was #44 of the top 100 images. WOW!   

When we counted my silver awards, I had done it! I had enough points to earn my master’s degree in Fine Art! Now all I needed was one accreditation in fine art category. A week later, I submitted my 10 images in Fine Art Travel and earned my accreditation.

I entered over 25 images in Fine Art and a few in Nature. You never know how many will make it.
 To say that this experience has been satisfying is an understatement. My first time entering, and first year with the MPI Organization, I received

  • In Fine Art Category – 8 Silver and 2 Gold in the competition In Nature Category – 1 Silver in the competition. 
  • Earned an Accredition in Fine Art Travel
  • And earned my Masters, in Fine Art Photography, MPF

Like the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step, a degree in photography begins with a single click. Join MPI, post your images, enter the competition, take advantage of the incredible supportive feedback from fellow artists and most of all enjoy what you’ve created.

I’ve since completed my website and I’m very much looking forward in continuing my photographic path with the help of MPI.

Micheal Piggott - Ontario Canada

To find out more about the MPI International Photographic Degree Program - click on the link MPI DEGREE PROGRAM



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Deborah MacEwen

What an amazing accomplishment Michael, Many Many Congrats!!!! You are so right about taking that first step and for many it is so hard to put yourself out there but you did and look what you accomplished!!! Can't wait to see what the next year brings you!!

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