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Why Enter the MPI IIC Open Challenge

Why Enter the MPI IIC Open Challenge


What you should know about the International Image Challenge (IIC) when entering the OPEN CHALLENGE

The MPI International Image Challenge is unlike other International Competitions. With the MPI IIC you receive feedback on all your images as the IIC has been designed with education in mind. Every image receives a score and a comment is included if the judge believes the entrant will benefit from extra feedback. 

MPI 2017 IIC Open Challenge Winner
Kelly Robitaille - Canada


When earning a certificate - winners are forwarded digital certificates being able to display their accomplishments and skills. 

Open Challenge entrants are as well eligible for the TOP 3 OPEN CHALLENGE Winners. TAKE THE CHALLENGE AND GET QUALIFIED EVALUATION on your images. 

It is great that our friends and followers like and love our images, however are they qualified to judge our work? All MPI Judges are Qualified Judges, Mentors and Educators. 





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