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MPI 2018 IIC Winners Circle

Celebrate with us!!

MPI 2018 IIC Winners Circle



WOW! What a great year for the MPI 2018 International Image Challenge...

Congratulations and thank you to all that Participated in this years MPI 2018 International Image Challenge

As Professional Photographers and Artists, challenging ourselves to new levels with competition is one of the best ways to keep our Photographic Art fresh and up to date with today's ever-changing industry. By receiving feedback from Industry Professionals that are not only trained judges, but mentors and workshop instructors, we believe this has created one of the most educational competitions in the industry. 

The 4th Annual MPI International Image Challenge was a success as it breaks another record on entries. We have noticed over the past 4 years many entrants into the MPI IIC Competition have grown in their PHOTOGRAPHIC ART!   

For members of Master Photographers International that have entered - don't forget, you have earned Certificates that count towards your next level in the Master Program. MPI is closing in on its 6th year and a number of our members are closing in on their next level including some members getting closer the Grand Master Designation. WOW MPI are so honored to be representing such talented photographers!

The patiently awaited MPI 2018 IIC Winners Circle Video is now available as we reveal this year's winners. We want to send out a warm congratulation to all TOP Winners and to all Class Winners. To be included as one of the Top Winners or earn a Class Award means your are sure doing something right! 

Turn up your volume, grab a drink and enjoy the show! 

Watch video!

If you are one of the Top Winners or Class winners - you will be receiving your Social Media Digital posters via email. We do not want to spoil the surprise for anyone, for that reason we ask that you reach out to us once you know if you are a TOP winner or a Class winner to request your social media digital package.

For all the viewers - we are excited with how much our members achieve year by year, we appreciate your comments and support as we celebrate this years achievements! Let us know which your favourite images are in this years show. 


Meet The TOP Winners for the Master Photographers International 

2018 International Image Challenge


2018 TOP International Photographer of the Year
Kristian Bogner - MPC (Canada)


2018 International Commercial Photographer of the Year
Kristian Bogner - MPC (Canada)


2018 International Digital Illustration Photographer of the Year
Erich Caparas - MPC
(United States)


2018 International Fine Art Photographer of the Year
Arete Edmunds - MPC


2018 International Nature Photographer of the Year
Tim Shields - 
MPF (Canada)


2018 International Portrait Photographer of the Year
Erich Caparas - 
MPC (United States)


2018 International Wedding Photographer of the Year
JB Sallee - MPW (United States)





C2 Architecture  *  Arete Edmunds (Canada)

C3 Aerial or Drone  *  Arete Edmunds (Canada)

C4 Beauty and Fashion  *  Erich Caparas (United States)

C5 Editorial and Press  *  William Barrington-Binns  (United Kingdom)

C7 Food and Product  *  Holly-Lynn Latimour (Canada)

C9 Sports (Paid or Olympics)  *  Kristian Bogner (Canada)

C10 Corporate Portrait (1 Person) *  Jeff Lubin (United States)

C12 Travel  *  Kristian Bogner (Canada)



D1 Digitally Created Advertising *  Erich Caparas (United States)

D2 Fine Art  *  Deborah MacEwen (Canada)

D3 Digital Illustrative Storytelling *  Paul Misseghers (Canada)

D4 Portrait  * Giorgia Corniola (Italy)



F2 Alternative Photographic Processes  * Neil Koven (Canada)

F3 Fine Art Architecture  *  Arete Edmunds (Canada)              

F4 Fine Art Aerial or Drone  *  Chris Collacott (Canada)

F5 Black and White  *  Brian Gagne (Canada)

F6 Cityscapes  *  Chris Collacott (Canada)

F8 Cityscape – Panorama  *  Peter Lik (United States)

F9 Fine Art Landscapes  *  Arete Edmunds (Canada)

                                                  F10 Fine Art Landscapes Painterly and or Artistic * Deborah MacEwen (Canada)                                         

F12 Nude or Figure Study  *  Giorgia Corniola (Canada)

F13 Floral  * Ingeborg Skliros (United Kingdom)

F14 Macro or Microscope  *  Chris Collacott (Canada)

F15  Still Life  * Joan Fox (Canada)

F16  Street Photography  *  Neil Koven (Canada)

F17 Fine Art Nature  *  Celso Mollo (Italy)



         N1 Birds and Birds of Prey * Deborah MacEwen (Canada)           

N2 Macro * Deborah MacEwen (Canada)

N4 Natural Landscapes * Peter Lik (United States)

N5 Natural Seascapes/Waterscapes * Peter Lik (United States)

N6 Panorama Natural Landscapes * Chris Collacott (Canada)

N7 Panorama Natural Seascapes/Waterscapes * Jim Brompton (Canada)

N8 Sea Life * Arete Edmunds (Canada)

N9 Wildlife * Holly-Lynn Latimour (Canada)



P1 Child Portrait * Jeff Lubin (Untied States)

P2 Child Portrait Story * Jeff Lubin (Untied States)

P3 Couples and Engagement * Mercury Megaloudis (Australia)

P4 Portrait (1 Person) * Rocky Jaya (Indonesia)

P5 Family Portrait (2 Or More People) * Nikos Siamos (Greece)

P7 Fine Art Portrait * Paul Misseghers (Canada)

P8 Traditional Portraiture * Tim Kelly (United States)

P9 Portrait Story (Non-Child) * Peter Rooney (Malaysia)

P10 Maternity * Giorgia Corniola (Italy)

P12 Pet Photography * Erich Caparas (United States)

P13 Women’s Photography * JB Sallee (United States)

P14 Underwater Portrait Photography * Craig Minielly (Canada)



W1 Bride’s Tale * JB Sallee (United States)

W2 Groom’s Tale * Brandie Sunley (Canada)

W3 Bridal Party * JB Sallee (United States)

W4 Wedding Couple * Giorgia Corniola (Italy)

W6 Wedding Details * Vasilis Loukatos (Greece)

W7 Wedding Formals including Studio * Komagarajan Athirajan (Malaysia)

W8 Wedding Creative * JB Sallee (United States)

W9 Wedding Reception * Vasilis Loukatos (Greece)

W10 Trash the Dress  * Shirleen Burnett (Canada)


View Winning Images


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