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Exciting changes coming to the MPI Organization



A New Dawn

The Master Photographers International Organization always searches for better ways to serve our constituency, and now with exciting new opportunities for 2020 and beyond!


To that direction, the advisory board and directors, along with input from members, are pleased to announce the following enhancements to our organization.

With fabulous growth Internationally, there will be new focus on helping members understand the photographic degree programs, the International competition (IIC), and the full range of key benefits to be derived from them in providing and creating professional level imagery. 

In 2020, MPI Member Benefits will include:

  • Complimentary Membership, with a phasing out of the annual dues portion of MPI.
  • Open Challenge entrants from the past years to be honored as full members, along with Program points earned.
  • The new 2020 MPI International Image Challenge (IIC), will now incorporate the MPI Open Challenge.
  • Award levels to be presented will become: Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum, to keep in line with international language standards.
  • The MPI International Image Challenge will have an all new website. 
  • An all new Official Group will be set up to answer question for the program and the MPI IIC. 
  • The Jumpstart program will be enhanced with a new structure and benefits.
  • MPI will now be working with USD currency in keeping with international standards.
  • Members showcased will be converted to a new section on the MPI Website. The new display will feature MPI Members with their Certifications and Degrees earned, in a dynamic and client friendly presentation.
  • Past members will be reinstated with membership, along with all their Degrees and program points earned.

We’re all excited about these enhancements to the MPI program, as it allows all to benefit from the experience and expertise of a truly professional level of engagement and ongoing strategic opportunities for all MPI members. With these new benefits coming into effect, the focus of the MPI Organization will be on the Educational Photographic Degree Program which is directly connected with the MPI International Image Challenge.

All members who have participated in the MPI programs in the past, will be eligible for these new and exciting changes coming to MPI.

Being the only official organization with the trademarked title of  "Grand Master" in the photographic community, we are excited with these changes and excited to see our member grow into higher levels including the Grand Master Photographer. 


With thanks and a toast to the future of our Profession!

Master Photographers International

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