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MPI 2017 IIC TOP Winner - Erich Caparas

MPI 2017 IIC TOP Winner - Erich Caparas

Another Successful MPI IIC has been completed as MPI Members are now receiving their Trophies and Sealed Winning Images. 

Huge congratulations to Erich Caparas for accomplishing the tittle of MPI 2017 IIC TOP Photographer of the Year for the second consecutive year.  This year Erich's Digital Illustration entry was the highest scoring entry out of the 6 Categories.  

Erich's 30 plus years of experience as a professional along with his attention to detail has finally paid off as he not only accomplished TOP Winner with MPI and as well with other Professional Organizations Internationally including being a finalist with the World Photographic Cup as he represents his country - the United States. 

We asked Erich some additional questions below.

1. Erich, how do you feel winning two consecutive years with the MPI International Image Challenge?

Not enough, I want to go for a 3rd one!!* - just kidding :) ... When I won the first one I thought there was a mistake. I had to watch the presentation on video one more time, and one more with a friend to make sure it said what it said I won. Ecstatic is an understatement. There were so many breath-taking entries from accomplished photographers around the world. I started following some of them, they were that good. Even more incredible is winning it again this year. I'm still not over the first one, ask me again next year. This one hasn't sunk in yet.

2. What would you say to other photographers and artist trying to accomplish success in competition hosted by Professional Organizations and judged by Qualified Judges? 

If you want to take your photography to the next level there's nothing like joining a competition and getting your images critiqued by Professional Organizations and judged by Qualified Judges. The keywords there are "Professional Organizations" and "Qualified Judges". Very, very important. The integrity of the organization is paramount and goes without saying. Don't ask for critiques on Facebook forums and groups. The people who can help you will not be offering their critiques there. "Qualified Judges" - very important. There are a lot of 'other' organizations hosting competitions bragging that their judges are curators of such and such museums, editors of big wig magazines, senators, noted fashion designers, etc. Those are NOT qualified judges and most know NOTHING about judging a photograph. A "Qualified Judge" is someone who is not only an accomplished professional photographer in the masters’ level, but also currently competing, competitive in their respective genres, AND went thru rigorous training as a photography judge.

Learn more about Erich by visiting his 2017 Interview. Read Erich's 2017 Interview  

The MPI International Image Challenge was created as an educational competition for it's members and for other professionals looking to receive qualified feedback from experienced judges and educators. The MPI IIC is as well the avenue members travel in achieving higher levels with MPI which also challenging themselves to stay current or ahead in todays everchanging industry. 

In 2017 the MPI International Image Challenge distributed to its members 

1 - TOP International Photographer of the Year 

6 - Category Awards

  • Commercial Photographer of the Year
  • Digital Illustration Photographer of the Year
  • Fine Art Photographer of the Year
  • Nature Photographer of the Year
  • Portrait Photographer of the Year
  • Wedding Photographer of the Year 

1 -  Highest Scoring Entry Trophy 

1 -  Highest Scoring Master Entry

1 -  Highest Scoring Craftsman Entry

1 -  Highest Scoring Associate Entry

1 - TOP Open Challenge Winner (Non-Member Entries) 

46 - Best in Class Awards 

79 - Awards of Distinction Sealed Entries

12 - Awards of Excellence Sealed Entries 

1 - Pinnacle Award Sealed Entries

Congratulations to all winners! - To view the 2017 successful images, visit MPI 2017 IIC Winners Circle  


The MPI International Image is not only a Photographic Competition, but as well a very educational experience. 


Visit the IIC 2017 Winning Images



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