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Success Story - Deborah L MacEwen


Success Story - Deborah L MacEwen

MPI SUCCESS STORY -  Deborah L MacEwen from Canada. 

Deborah joined MPI in 2014 where she opted for the Jump-Start option. She was successful at the time and earned her Craftsman Photographer.  From there Deborah worked hard at submitting images annually to the MPI International Image Challenge. Every year Deborah would make it a point to push herself in improving her skills at capturing and processing her images to higher levels. 

During her journey to earn her first Masters, Deborah was not aware that she would earn 3 master’s degrees all in one year. This is an accomplishment Deborah will always be known within the MPI Organization as the first member to earn 3 master’s degrees in the same year! 

Deborah's master’s degrees earned are

Master Photographer in Digital Art - MPD
Master Photographer in Fine Art - MPF
Master Photographer in Nature - MPN 

To complete the process - each master’s degree is required to earn one accreditation. Deborah was successful in earning the following accreditations with her journey. 

Accreditted in; 
D2   Digital Fine Art 
F13  Fine Art Floral
N4   Natural Landscapes

Deborah L MacEwen CP, MPD, MPF, MPN
Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada

We asked Deborah about her journer with the MPI Photograhic Degree Progam - we hope you take a moment to read about her journey and comment to congratulate her on such an amazing accomplishment. 

Interview with Deborah - May 27, 2020 

Questions 1
How long did it take you to achieve your goal going from a craftsman jumpstart degree to 3 master’s degrees?

I started entering into competitions in 2015 and achieved my master’s degree’s in 2019 so 4 years.

Questions 2
What degrees did you earn with the Master Photographers International Organization?

I received my Master Degree’s in Digital Art, Fine Art & Nature

Question 3
How did you find or feel about your journey with MPI earning your 3 degrees?

I feel so very excited to have achieved my Masters in these categories & doing so with MPI. The mentoring & guidance of MPI has led me to where I am today in my photography! 

Question 4
After succeeding and jumping from a craftsman photographer to earning 3 master’s degrees, how does this make you feel and how do you feel about your work?

I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about achieving this accomplishment, it has been such an incredible journey & one I am very proud of.  I started out just wanting to be able to take better pictures and I had no idea the direction it would take me.  Along the way besides all the self-doubt & hard work it not only helped me become a better photographer, but I finally believe in myself & my work.




Questions 5
What was your highest scoring image during this process and what do you remember in capturing or creating this image.

My highest scoring image was “Coalescent” an image I took of a whale’s fluke in the Icy Straits of Alaska against a backdrop of beautiful mountains. 

This image received my first ever Award of Excellence.  It was very early in the morning & the light & scenery was almost surreal.   It was very beautiful in its own right but then a whale appeared, and I was able to capture him as he went down. 


Question 6
How has this journey helped you professionally and personally?

Oh, this journey has been incredible in building my self confidence both professionally & personally!! I have seen such a growth in my photography which has also given me affirmation that I am & have been on the right track to what has always been in my heart! 

Question 7
How did you find the judging and feedback from the MPI IIC help you during this journey?

Without it I would not have been able to keep improving, every year my images have gotten better.  I remember my first competition and I was so scared and nervous as I was always so in awe of everyone else’s work. What I learnt very quickly was that unless you take that first step you will never get anywhere, and any critiquing would only help me become a better photographer.

I believe MPI is the only organization that offers such valuable feedback on ones work.

Question 8
Did you earn any accolades during this process

Throughout my 4 years I have received 1 Excellence Award, 19 Awards of Distinction (Silver), 32 Prestige Awards (Bronze), 9 TOP Class Awards (Highest scoring image in a Class) trophy, and one Highest scoring Craftsman entry trophy

Along with this I was also in the running for Photographer of the Year 3 Times for Digital Illustration, Photographer of the Year 2 Times for Nature & Photographer of the Year once in Fine Art 


Question 9
What accreditation's have you earned that accompany your 3 new degrees? 

My Accreditations are in Fine Art in Digital Art/Illustration, Floral in Fine Art & Wildlife in Nature

Question 10
Where you aware that you are the first MPI member to earn 3 degrees in the same year?

No, I was not at the time but am now am so honoured!!

Question 11.
Are you now working towards your Grand Master Degrees which will give you the highest MPI honor of the Grand Master Photographer?

I will continue to keep entering competition and working towards the goal of Grand Master Photographer. 4 years ago, I never thought it would be possible
to achieve my Masters Degree in one never mind 3 so am very motivated now to keep working & challenging myself to achieve my Grand Master’s!

My new motto in Life is “Never say Never!”

Many Congratulations to Deborah for such an accomplishment and wishing her continued success!!



We have included some of Deborah's winning images. If you are working towards a higher degree goal with the Master Photographers International Organization (MPI). 


Article and Interview by 
Arete (Tula)  Edmunds - MPC, MPF, MPN

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Congratulations Deborah. So proud of u and to have watched and shared in this incredible journey with u personally amd professionally. Incredulous masterpieces of photography


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