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Success Story - Arete (Tula) Edmunds


Success Story - Arete (Tula) Edmunds

Arete (Tula) Edmunds MPC, MPF, MPN
Calgary AB, Canada

Arete started entering the MPI International Image Challenge from 2015. She jump-started and was successful at the time and earned her Master’s in Commercial Photography Degree.  From there, she worked hard at submitting images annually to the MPI International Image Challenge. Every year Arete, known to many as Tula, would make it a point to push herself in improving her skills at capturing and processing her images to higher standards. 

Arete's (Tula), master’s degrees earned with MPI are

Master Photographer in Commercial - MPC (Jumpstart)
Master Photographer in Fine Art - MPF
Master Photographer in Nature - MPN 

To complete the process - each extra master’s degree is required to earn one accreditation. Tula was successful in earning the following accreditations with her journey. 

Accreditted in; 
F13  Fine Art Floral
N4   Natural Landscapes


1. How long did it take you to achieve your goal going from a MPC jumpstart degree to 3 master’s degrees? 

My Journey with the MPI International Photographic Degree Program from the initial jumpstart began 5 years ago.     

2. What degrees did you earn with the Master Photographers International Organization? 

I jumpstarted and earned my degree in Commercial Photography and then with the IIC have now earned my degrees in Fine Art and in Nature.

3. How did you find or feel about your journey with MPI earning your 3 degrees? 

At times I found it difficult as I can be very hard on myself. The comments from the judges would make me see my work in a whole different way and I kept pushing myself to do better year by year, image entry by image entry.

4. After succeeding and jumping from an MPC Photographer to earning 2 more Master Degrees, how does this make you feel and how do you feel about your work?    Honestly… I feel very happy with my work and journey. Years back I only wanted to achieve that one master’s degree and now having 3 with MPI alone is a fulfilling accomplishment for me.          

5. What was your highest scoring image during this process and what do you remember in capturing or creating this image? 
My highest scoring image is “God’s Garden” earning me an Award of Excellence or a Gold with the new MPI 2020 changes.



My journey with the digital camera as mentioned started roughly 15 years back. At that time, I had purchased Tony Sweets books. His one book, “Fine Art Digital Nature Photography” was my favorite and had that location on the cover. I knew one day; I would travel to that location and capture that image… little did I know at that time that it would on one of Tony’s workshops.

When we visited the gardens the first time, I got my bearings and was very happy that we went back a second time. God’s Garden was captured on the second trip to the gardens.

6. How has this journey helped you professionally and personally?

Professionally it has helped me stand out between the thousands of photographers in our area giving their work away. Personally, I find personal satisfaction on how far I have come. I am now very close in earning my Grand Masters in the Fine Art Category. 

7.  How did you find the judging and feedback from the MPI IIC help you during this journey?

The MPI Judging is helped me see my errors and work on making my art stronger.   

8. Did you earn any accolades during this process?  

I am so happy to say YES! I have earned numerous class awards and the big one for me was wining Photographer of the Year in Fine Art in 2018. This was a long-time dream for me and the year I entered God’s Garden. I was also very excited in earning my points that earned me my master’s degrees!

9. What accreditation’s have you earned that accompany your 3 new degrees?   
I earned my Floral Accreditation in Fine Art (F13) and I earned my Nature Accreditation in N4 Natural Landscapes.

10.Are you now working towards your Grand Master Degrees which will give you the highest MPI honor of the Grand Master Photographer? 
I sure am and excited that I am nearing my Grand Master’s in Fine Art! I am currently working on points for the 3 Grand Masters which earns me the highest level of Grand Master Photographer. I am very excited to see what the future brings.

We have included a few of Tula's images that help her succeed on this journey below. You can also view more of Arete (Tula) Edmunds work at (currently under constructions)

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