10 things a Photographer should know – Part 2

10 things a Photographer should know – Part 2

By Martin Grahame-Dunn

Sometimes colleagues send me interesting pieces from other practitioners and I found the one by US Photographer, Chase Jarvis, extremely interesting and suitable for adaption for the UK & Europe. Originally inspired by his friend and colleague Guy Kawasaki’s article entitled “What I learned from Steve Jobs.” This piece is really not only food for thought but perhaps, a bit of a ‘How To’ for success in our industry. I have added my own notes in italics too, so here goes…
“Here is a list of 10 things I’ve learned the hard way that every photographer, designer, creative–hell, every creative person–should know”...
Clients cannot tell you what they need.
“Clients hire you because they have a problem. They need a great visual representation of something, a solution. They think they know the best way to photograph something, but they don’t really. That’s why they hire you. Take their suggestions to heart, because they definitely know their brand, product, their vision–perhaps even shoot a few versions of the images they THINK they want to see first–but then go nuts with own vision. Add value. Show them something they didn’t expect. Don’t be a monkey with a finger. Remember why you got hired…that YOU are the badass image maker. If you are good enough to get selected for the job, you should be good enough to drive the photographic vision.”
Chase Jarvis
* Your role as an image maker and service provider is to offer solutions. Never forget that. You are being paid to come up with ideas or shape the dreams of your clients and manifest them into tangible images that tell their story. You need to learn to listen to your clients and not railroad them. Say ‘Yes’ and try never to say ‘No’. Clearly there are restrictions governed by either technique, practicality or even safety that make the manifestation of some of their ideas virtually impossible. You will be judged on your problem solving abilities and the way you communicate in a respectful and authoritative manner. Be reactive and responsive to your clients needs and you will not fail to run a successful business.
Martin Graham-Dunn

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