Master Photographers International is an organization that was built for photographers by photographers. The rendering and incorporation of the MPI Organization began in early 2013 by canvasing many professionals within the industry on what they were looking for in a professional organization. With the feedback received and with continued surveying of their membership, Master Photographers International has developed the organization that many professionals have been looking for.


One of the main objectives of the MPI Organization is to bring awareness about the professional photography industry and the importance of hiring a professional that has been qualified by Industry Standards.

The second main objective for the MPI Organization is to promote professionals that have been qualified and placed in their level of experience. This we believe will demonstrate for clients hiring, buying art or for newer photographers looking to take a workshop, that they can depend on the MPI Organization to find the right fit that will work for their needs.


In today’s oversaturated market of many claiming to be a professional photographer, it is difficult for clients to discern who is a professional photographer that will get the job done to the best quality and professionalism they can afford.


All members promoted on the MPI Qualified Professionals page have been assessed by the MPI Qualifying Panel with a set number of images and scoring.

Members of Master Photographers International grow and maintain their Industry Standards by entering the MPI International Image Challenge or earning Certifications. Members earn points and advance through the MPI Master Program to ultimately achieve the highest honor of Grand Master Photographer.

The Master Photographers International Organization is only open to Professional Photographers. Entrance as a Professional Photographer into the MPI Organization is by Invitation. Visit our membership page for more information.



Meet the MPI Team


Our Team is dedicated to working towards building an organization that will facilitate the vision and goals of the Master Photographers International Organization. If you would like to get a hold of one of our team, please email us with your questions and which team member you would like to speak with and we will pass this information on. 

If you are an MPI member and would like to support Your Organization, please reach out to Tula Edmunds with your interest. 

If you are interested in joining us as one of the Master Photographers International Ambassador, please email us and we will add you to our list for consideration.

Contact Us

Master Photographers International

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Phone: 1-844-273-6762

Website: www.mpio.co